For the annual meeting 2012 of the ADAC we produced this event film highlighting Munich as the emotional heart of the company. For one summer we enjoyed the nice weather and the kind people of this lovely city. We filmed the city sights, monuments, architecture, people, the Octoberfest, the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum (Traffic) and some greetings from famous people: The Münchner Kindl, Mr. Rummenigge from FC Bayern, Mr. Käfer and the retired mayor Mr. Christian Ude. The edit was combined with a fast driving music. Post production effects were used in order to make the result more dynamic.

The ADAC Trailer as an emotional event film

For large companies and corporations it´s always a challenge to address all shareholders beyond figures and numbers. Emotional communication can be achieved by such an eventfilm. It can illustrate complex relations in a shorter time than language.

You are thinking about such an eventfilm? We support you with planning, concept, film production and translate your topics into emotional film elements. With our pool of freelance talents we can offer the best flexibility and quality for every budget.

  • Production: Fiction Films
  • Director: Christopher Schlierf
  • Me: Creative Producer