Brand Films: Services Statement

Non-binding and gratis consulting for your film project.

For you as a customer, benefits and quality of the final product are crucial. Furthermore, we are convinced that a better quality of service promises enthusiasm , motivated employees and satisfied business partners. We do our best to understand your business, product and situation – without losing foreign perception and best advise. Many of our customers have already recognized the advantages of our individual approach and benefit from it today.

Our Services in particular



The idea for a film begins in imagination, but how does it take on a solid form? We offer treatments, concepts, director´s interpretations, scripts, storyboards, animatics and styleframes for your project. The source of our creativity is the pool of international creative and experienced talents. We also give advice without obligation to existing ideas – both in terms of cost as well as for their implementation. Your campaign objectives and opportunities will be the focus: everything to fit your ideas of emotional moving image, film or video content.

In the process of creation the key decisions for a project are taken. Together we produce the film. Our experience in dealing with large companies, and the “many-cooks-principle” will help to improve the performance of your production budget.

Preproduction / Prep


After placing an order the project process will be defined and adjusted in terms of potential for optimization in close cooperation with you. At the beginning of the project formats, dates, rights and other factors are agreed upon. Of course, nothing is impossible. Once the concept is fixed, we go into the preparations. These include appointments, research, negotiations with suppliers and distributors, location Scouting, site visits, castings, PPMs and much more.

Depending on the needs and nature of the production, everything is planned to the smallest detail or kept plenty of room for flexibility and creativity. For every budget there is an optimal solution. We work in close contact with you to anticipate changes to the plan at the earliest stage.



In all projects we follow the components principle. Whether in a 2-man team or with a crew of 30, regardless of whether Canon C300, Sony FS7, RED Epic or another. Whether with a lot of light or little, whether with stunt driving shots, aerial shots, crane, dolly or other special effects, studio shooting or food. We select the right components for your movie project and combine these into an attractive overall package.

Take advantage of our many partners and local specialists as well as our international experience shooting for major brands in the US, Brazil, Portugal / Spain and Australia. Take a look at recent projects in our News Section.

Post Production


Often the great workload begins in post production. For editing, 2D / 3D animation and motion graphics, the latest industry-standard programs and plug-ins are used. For special tasks and services, for example, CGI renderings, 3D animation / compositing, highend-grading, we work with different freelancers and post-production houses. From roughcut to final product, we keep on searching for the best possible results, keeping always in mind your requirements for corporate design and visual language.

The sound is as important for the film experience as the picture. Whether with a music Libary or a unique composition from the best composers in the market: we will give your film the so important thrill. All sound services are delivered through high end studio production.

Other Services


No film project is like the other. A film is unique work as well as the campaigns of our clients. Even if you are happy as a customer, we always ask ourselves what we can do even better.

Therefore, the development in commercial film and corporate video production goes from large, rigid operating units and recipes towards smaller and more flexible units. We call it the principle of components. With this principle we can produce more accurately and anticipate your needs. Small independent service units can be connected depending on the project to greater services: Because of this producing structure we prevent high fixed costs and provide best possible performance, even with small budgets. You can choose a whole bundle or use an individually tailored package of our services dependent on your actual needs.

We work for international customers, so including language adaptations and differnent versions is our daily business. FHD, 4K or special formats and payouts for your event are not a problem. We clarify the details with your technical support.


Do you have questions, wishes or suggestions? Please contact us.